Using UIToolbar in Your iPhone Apps

Toolbars are used to present a set of functions to a user. You will see these at the bottom of iPhone apps and generally give you the option to do things like edit files, send email or take a picture. Here is an example of what a toolbar will look like in an iPhone app:


Using UIToolbar in Your iPhone Apps

Today, I am going to show you how to use UIToolbar in your iPhone apps. Essentially, what you need to do is to create an instance of UIToolbar, add buttons to it and then add the toolbar to your view. Usually, you will also need to assign actions to each toolbar button as well.

Here is video of how to use UIToolbar taken from my own code library that I ship with my ebook:

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Tutorial en video como empezar a crear nuestro juego

Tutorial en video como empezar a crear nuestro juego

Notapor rahurus el Mié, 27 Abr 2011, 14:18

Como dice el titulo, adjunto este vídeo tutorial para que empecemos a crear nuestro juegos. Subtitulado a Español.

En esta serie de cursos de GameSalad usted aprenderá paso a paso cómo crear un juego de iPhone desde el principio sin ninguna necesidad de programación. GameSalad da tanto a aficionados y profesionales la capacidad de crear aplicaciones avanzadas para el iPhone, IPAD, y el iPod Touch. Después de completar esta serie de tutoriales podrás enviar tu juego a la App Store de iTunes.

Sino sabes ingles activa los subtitulos y luego activa la transcripción al castellano, es muy fácil (Pinchar en Watch on Youtube «Ver en Youtube» y dentro de la página de Youtube dar a cc y seleccionar transcribir texto a español)

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How To Make A Simple RSS Reader iPhone App Tutorial

When making iOS apps that have to download data off of the Internet, you run into a lot of challenges. You have to:

  • Write code to retrieve the data off of the network
  • Write code to parse and interpret the data
  • Write code to run the above in the background, so your app remains responsive
  • Update your UI in an animated fashion as data arrives so the user can see what’s going on

That’s a lot of different concepts to put together. So in this tutorial, you’ll get hands-on experience doing exactly that by making a simple RSS reader app!

This tutorial was specially requested and sponsored by William Mottl, a kind supporter of this blog. Thank you William!

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