Setting up a TimeMachine backup server on Ubuntu 12.04 Server

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Recently I purchased a new home server of which I am using to backup both my iMac and MacBook Pro, I thought I’d quickly document how I achieved this for future reference and also to help others too! – Both my Apple Mac computers are running Apple MacOSX 10.7 (Lion)..

Firstly we need to install a few packages, on your Ubuntu 12.04 server, firstly check that you’ve updated your sources by runnings:-

sudo apt-get update

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HOWTO Use Ubuntu As A Mac OS X Time Capsule

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In past versions of Mac OS X, the built in backup tool, Time Machine was a lot less picky about where you back up your files to. You could even back up to a Samba file share if you enabled the «unsupported volumes» hack.

 defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

But that ended with Snow Leopard. Starting with the release of OSX 10.7 Lion, Apple started cinching down on where you could back up your system to, ostensibly for security reasons. Now, with Mac OS X 10.8 «Mountain Lion», it’s gotten to the point where essentially the only places you can back up your system using Time Machine are either on another Mac OS X File Server or on an Apple Time Capsule. My assumption is that their intent is merely to bolster their hardware sales.

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(TUTORIAL)Como instalar Mac OS X Mavericks en un PC(Hackintosh)

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Hoy explicare la forma de poder disfrutar del sistema operativo de ordenadores de Apple , Mac OS X, sin necesidad de un Mac, ya que mucha gente no tiene los fondos suficientes como para adquirir un ordenador de la manzana.

Vamos a instalar Nerish Mavericks, basado en OS X 10.9.0

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Guarda las copias de seguridad de Time Machine en tu NAS

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Igual algunos de vosotros tenéis en casa un NAS, ¿no sabes lo que es un NAS? Te cuento se trata de un disco duro con sistema operativo propio el cual esta en red. No está conectado al ordenador sino que lo conectamos a nuestro Router, desde él podemos almacenar datos y su mayor ventaja es que si tienes varios equipos en casa o en la oficina podemos acceder con todos los ordenadores a él disco o NAS.

Esquema Nas

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